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About Team Forward Motion

     In the summer of 1999, TFM was established at the Second Annual J-Body Bash, held in Girard, Ohio.  Many of the Charter Members had conversed through internet chat, though few of us had ever met.  It was during the 3 days in August that we spent together that a bond formed, based on our mutual love for cars (specifically the J-Body) and good times.  To celebrate, Team Forward Motion was created, with a vision of strengthening communication amongst members, to encourage participation in events as a group, while still knowing each other on a personal basis.  TFM is first and foremost a club that is based on friendship, strengthened at J-Body related meets held throughout the year. 

     Today, TFM is growing strong with new members and applicants applying every day.  All of the current members share a common respect for cars and each other.  When possible, members attend J-Body and other car related events, and organize TFM-based gatherings afterward, to celebrate past events and organize future gatherings.  The annual J-Body Bash is a must-attend for all TFM members, as it not only shows our dedication to each other, but also to the dedication and commitment we all display toward our J-Bodies.

     TFM is currently active on several car-related mailing lists, including the J-Body list and the N-Body list.  J-Bodies include the Cavalier, Sunbird and Sunfire.  N-Bodies include the Alero, new Cutlass, Grand AM, Malibu, Cutlass Calais, Skylark & Achieva.